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Producing professional promotional video is one of our specialties Our customers are looking for unique 3d promotional video that will focus on their product and show clearly the benefits over rivals, and help them characterize themselves in the most right way

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Lit-3D is professional studio specializing in production of promotional videos for 10 years now. We managed to produce animation video clips for large business Companies include TVs promos advertisement, virtual reality applications, Android games development and interactive development

Virtual Architecture

The studio provides an answer to all the architectural renders from interior design to exterior architecture renders

Mobile Applications

We are developing applications for mobile, among other applications learning applications

3d Promotional videos

Over 15 years of animation making, the studio produces promo videos with the highest Quality in the market

Virtual Reality

The virtual world of reality is gaining momentum, and today the VR experience can be obtained in two main ways

Producing 3d promotional videos is our specialty

Let's look at some examples of corporate videos we've created for large companies around the world

Promotional video production Aqua Silver

3d promotional video animation with voiceover for Water C-o

A video clip for Aqua Silver International .In this video, we did model products from the company's catalog, built a script that will tell the story and highlight the advantages of their product against the other competitors, we created amazing animations for the product and to make it realistic we use new GPU rendering Technology, along with effects created a perfect Promotional video clip for their product

We do product animations that success in Kickstarter

We do product animations that success in Kickstarter

Axum Gear Company used our 3D services to create a compelling promotional video that will make people around the world contribute money for their product development. The video we created, Helps them managed to rise over $ 100,000.

Promotional videos 2017

Watch our premium 3d animations :

Milkor MGL

Mah Sing Group video

Axum Gear Crowdfunding

Aqua Promotional video

Armani Product promo

Lego Commercial

Chasers Cartoon Heroes

Medical Application


Games Development

Drone product video

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Photos Gallery 2017

We have gathered for you the best pictures we have created over the last few years for our biggest customers.

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