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In the studio we develop virtual reality applications and augmented reality of all kinds, developed by a professional team on the popular and advanced platform Unity 5. We invite you to get know our other specialties by clicking "Home Page" and to be impressed by our many Specializations.

Examples of uses of virtual reality technology

Here you can see the variלשימוש רפואיous uses made by the latest technology

What is virtual reality technology and 360 video

Virtual reality is a simulation of an environment, as complete as possible, using a computer or mobile phone in a way that gives the computer user the illusion that he is really in the realistic environment that the computer simulates and does not use the computer. Some virtual reality systems simulate the entire space in which the user is in a different environment, and some of them resemble only the computer and its environment that is close to some other environment. Virtual reality is used for entertainment, learning, and coaching

Virtual reality in 2017

Lit-3D Studio

Most simulated reality environments are based primarily on visual experiences, which are presented on a projection screen or through stereoscopic lenses, but there are also simulations that include additional sensory information such as sounds and sounds coming from speakers, and even movements created by turning the body on a computer-controlled surface and various user-related accessories . In practice, it is very difficult to create a convincing virtual reality experience with home computers, mainly due to technical limitations of computing power or image resolution

Developments in the field

Another breakthrough in the field is the growing use of 360-degree photography technology, especially by the support of video giants Facebook and Google. This way of photography and the use of three-dimensional glasses, the audience will have the possibility to "feel inside" the videos, which will provide a fresh and refreshing volume for the videos distributed on the web.

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